Europe Ladder Sorceress Cold Package (Top Tier) W/ Merc


Nightwing’s Veil 15% to Cold Skill
Chains of Honor Dusk
Heart of the Oak Flail +40 All Resist
Spirit Monarch – 35% FCR/89-111 Mana/3-8 MA
Stone of Jordan
Stone of Jordan
Mara Kaleidoscope +30 All Resist
Sandstorm Trek 15 Str / 15 Vita
Arachnid Mesh +120% ED
Magefist +30% ED
Sorceress Hellfire – 17-19 Resist All/17-19 Stats
9 x Pack – Sorceress Cold Skills GC (plain)

Call to Arms Flail/Crystal Sword – 6 BO
Spirit Monarch – 25-29% FCR

Andarials Non Eth
Insight Cryptic Axe/Colossus Voulge – Ethereal – 12-16 Med
Ebug Fort



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